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app design studio.
Basel, Switzerland.
We Believe that design is the cornerstone of great technology: from concept to completion, our emphasis on design is felt throughout our applications. It’s about more than how something looks - we take the complex and transform it into a seamless user experience.
Our focus on tailor-cut enterprise solutions empowers our clients to take advantage of the latest in technology, adapting to changing market influences and maximising their business potential. Contact us for our full portfolio and to discover what we can offer your business today.
Technology has the power to connect us to each other and the world - we have the ability to harness that power to improve all our lives. Schooled in native iOS programming and the latest in web technologies, we only release applications that meet our highest standards.
Since being founded in 2011, Steinbock has become a leading app design studio and has worked with both local start-ups and international organisations alike. We’re located in the heart of Basel in Switzerland, on Ochsengasse 12, a minute’s stroll from the banks of the Rhein.
For information about our flagship product Bergwind, please click here.

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